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We value your privacy at EnterOnLine Limited. Anything you enter on our website is only available to the organiser of the particular event you register for, unless the organiser allows entrant lists and/or results to be made public, in which case you will have been informed of this when you enter the event. We do not and will not release any details, including email addresses, to any other people, or even other organisers.


We require you to use a login name and password to set up a profile on our system. This is to prevent others from pretending to be you and registering using your name and email address.


As an entrant/organiser, any information you enter when you register for an event is held on our system, and you can change this at any time.

You can opt in and out of receiving certaining features offered by EnterOnLine Limited at any time without penalty.



We take the issue of credit card security very seriously. We decided when we started the EnterOnLine service that we could not take risks with your information. We made sure that when you enter credit card information, it would be hosted on a secure server (you may notice a little padlock or key icon appears on your browser when you access secure pages). Details you enter on this page are encrypted from the time you type them in, to the time they arrive at our bank.

There has been some publicity about credit card fraud on the internet. It is technically possible for somebody to intercept credit card details where they are entered on a page on an insecure server, and then to use those numbers fraudulently. However most 'stolen' numbers have been copied when people use their cards at normal stores, or have been randomly generated using special programs.

The secure pages are secured by Secure Socket Layer. We use Comodo, a VeriSign company, which is a global provider of digital certificate products, services and solutions that create security, privacy and authentication in electronic commerce. Comodo offers a range of certificate solutions that encompass Internet security, Extranet security, email security and Starter PKI requirements.

Because we use a secure server, you are probably safer with us than when you hand your card over at a local store!

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