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W1 and W2 crews will race 10km from Picton foreshore to Torea Bay (with a neutral bunch paddle back to Picton). The W6 crews will race 20 km from Mabel Island to Torea Bay and Torapapa Point and back to Picton
Type: Other   Organiser: Marlborough Triathlon Multisport Club
Start Date: Saturday, 08 Jun 2019 (07:30AM)   Contact: Andrea Koorey
Status: Closed   Email:
Venue: Picton Foreshore   Phone: Not available yet
Location: Picton, New Zealand   Website:
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  Class Type Status Early Entries Standard Entries Final Entries  Action
  W6 Men 20km Team Closed $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  W6 Women 20km Team Closed $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  W6 Mixed 20km Team Closed $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  W6 10km Team Closed $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $120.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  W2 10km Team Closed $40.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $40.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $40.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  W1 10km Individual Closed $20.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $20.00 - 10 Apr 19 (12:05AM) $20.00 - 05 Jun 19 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  Note: All fees shown in NZD.
Helpful Notes: Registration at Picton Foreshore: 7.30am - 7.50am
Briefing: (all paddlers must attend) 8:20am
Race Start - Staggered by Class: 9.00am – 9:20am
Prize Giving will follow the race finish (approx 1:30pm) at Le Café

20km: Mable Island to Torea Bay to Torapapa Point to Picton Foreshore – see yellow line on map (see "Related Material" below)
This is the main event for W6 crews
10 km from Picton Foreshore to Torea Bay (and neutral 10km return to Picton) – see red line on map
This is open to W1, W2 and W6 crews
Related Material: » Waka Ama Acknowledgment and Acceptance 2019.pdf
» Waka Ama Course Map .jpg
Special Rules: Waka Ama Race Rules

Skipper or kaihäutu responsibilities
The skipper or kaihäutu should be identified or nominated before any voyage is undertaken. In the absence of a nominated skipper, the person who is steering is usually regarded as the skipper or kaihäutu. The skipper or kaihäutu is responsible for assessing risk the vessel and crew and carries the burden of responsibility for his or her decisions.

The skipper or kaihäutu must:
• Be designated before the event/voyage
• Be conversant with and understand Waka Ama Safety Rules
• Check that each paddler has a PFD on board that fits them and decide when conditions require the crew to put them on.
• Know all the crew’s capabilities for paddling and swimming, and their medical needs.
• Make sure the group has all the equipment listed in the equipment section.
• Ensure all paddlers are appropriately clothed, with hats and thermal clothing if the conditions require it.
• Have sufficient water supplies for hydration.
• Determine whether the conditions require a spray skirt to be fitted.
• A full waka and equipment check prior to the event/ voyage.
• Attend the event briefing given by the Portage Event Director.
• A full briefing about the event/voyage is given to all of the crew.

Required Safety Equipment
• PFDs: must be available for all those aboard a waka. PFDs must be worn at all times unless the skipper considers that no risk exists.
• Communication: (W1/2 and W6) - 1x Cellphone or VHF radio in Waterproof Bag and 1x Flare. These must be operational prior to the even start.
• 2 x bailers per W6, 1x bailer per W1/2 (exempt H W1/2 which are sit on top or self-draining designs).
• 2 x spare paddles per W6, 1x spare paddle per W1/2. These should be securely lashed to the waka and one should be strong enough to steer with.
• 1x man overboard throw bag.
• 1 x 25 - 30m tow Rope attached to Waka (exempt - W1/2).
• Repair kit: 1x recommended. Should include spare rubber lashing, duct tape, bungs and a tow rope.
• Spray skirt(s): As required and dependent on weather and water conditions. Skipper to make decision if to use or not.

Paddler capability/skills
Any paddler competing in the Portage Event must:
• Be capable of handling their waka in any conditions;
• Be able to swim and be comfortable in any conditions;
• Be trained in and capable of self-rescue techniques (e.g. righting a capsized Waka Ama);
• Have an adequate degree of skill and fitness to enable them to finish the race in any conditions that might be expected;
• Be dressed for the expected conditions;
• Carry (or have easy access to) adequate food and drink.

The start shall be controlled by the starter located in a boat on the side of the race course in line with the start line.

The order of the start is as follows:
1. Calling the Waka to the start line.
2. Raising of the arm indicates that the race is ready to be started.
3. Dropping of the arm indicates the start of the race.

Course markers/buoys –location identified
• Waka Ama must turn counter-clockwise around them.
• The team number must be given to an Event Marshall where they are located.

Extreme weather conditions such as high wind and/or rain that jeopardise the safety of paddlers may lead to cancellation/postponement of the race, or changing the course. Event organisers will endeavour to inform all entrants of this by email by 8pm the day before the event or as early as possible on the day.

The skipper must ensure that every crew member has read, understood and signed the Race Rules and Event Waiver and Authority form (available for download under "Related Material" above) which must be presented at race registration before 7.50am on race day.
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