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Fun sealed road ride on the Historic Raetihi-Pipiriki Road.
Type: Cycling   Organiser: Raetihi Promotions
Start Date: Sunday, 01 Apr 2018 (11:00AM)   Contact: Lucy Conway
Status: Closed   (limit of 150 entrants)   Email:
Venue: Waimarino Museum, Seddon St, Raetihi 4632,.   Phone: 063853123
Location: Ruapehu District, New Zealand   Website:
  Class Type Status Early Entries Standard Entries Final Entries  Action
  18k cycle Individual Closed $15.00 - 01 Jan 18 (12:05AM) $20.00 - 23 Mar 18 (12:05AM) $30.00 - 26 Mar 18 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  25k One Way to Pipiriki Individual Closed $32.00 - 31 Dec 17 (12:05AM) $37.00 - 23 Mar 18 (12:05AM) $47.00 - 26 Mar 18 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  50 K Cycle Individual Closed $30.00 - 01 Jan 18 (12:05AM) $35.00 - 23 Mar 18 (12:05AM) $45.00 - 26 Mar 18 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  18k Run Individual Closed $15.00 - 01 Jan 18 (12:05AM) $20.00 - 23 Mar 18 (12:05AM) $30.00 - 26 Mar 18 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  Note: All fees shown in NZD.
Helpful Notes: The road is sealed all the way. However, it is a rural country road, and there may be mud, leaves, potholes, slips so caution is needed. There are one way bridges, one of which is wooden with bumpy planks.

The turnaround point at Pipiriki for the 50km riders, is narrow and on a hill, if you don't slow down, turning will be difficult, many have fallen off during this turnaround, so please be careful.

This is a 'fun' ride. We use stopwatches to try and give you an accurate time, but all our prizes are spot prizes drawn from numbers handed in at the end.

Prize giving begins at 2pm. Speedy ones can go off and get a shower then come back, slower ones are usually finished by then, or sometimes come in as prizegiving is underway. We don't leave anyone behind, our tail end charlie will have your back.
Special Rules: Online entries available until March 26. After that bring cash and your late entry fee to the registration area at least an hour before your start time.
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