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Close-range exercises - known distance standards,complex and skills-oriented sniper exercises, and range estimation exercises from 100+ Sniper Exercises book.

Gunslinger long range qualification at 600m.

Maximum distance 600m.

80 rounds, one rifle (centrefire maximum calibre .338 - .223 is not suitable).
Type: Shooting/Practical Long Range Rifle   Organiser: Gunslinger P L R S
Start Date: Saturday, 17 Mar 2018 (08:00AM)   Contact: Shane Cossar
Status: Open   Email:
Venue: Near Motunau   Phone: 021610540
Location: South Island, New Zealand   Website:
Gunslinger Precision Rifle Train-up #1
  Class Type Status Early Entries Standard Entries Final Entries  Action
  GPRTU#1 - Gunslinger Train-Up#1 Shooter Individual Open $47.50 - 28 Feb 18 (12:05AM) $95.00 - 28 Feb 18 (12:05AM) $95.00 - 28 Feb 18 (12:05AM)
  Note: All fees shown in NZD.
Special Rules: Gunslinger Standard Operating Procedures apply:
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