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Friday 12 & Saturday 13 May 2017: match, two team classes (fit or minimal walking), 30+ stages, 50+ reactive targets from 50m out to 1000m, 150 rounds each shooter, rifle calibre up to .338 Lapua Magnum, any optics (.223 is not suitable).
Gunslinger Qualification Stages: Gunslinger LR Rifleman at 1000m & 1200m, Gunslinger HTI Marksman at 1000m, Gunslinger ELR Sharpshooter at 1 mile and Gunslinger ELR Expert at 2000m on each day plus Sunday morning, allow 45 rounds, rifle calibre up to .50 BMG.
Type: Shooting/Practical Long Range Rifle   Organiser: Gunslinger P L R S
Start Date: Thursday, 11 May 2017 (08:00AM)   Contact: Shane Cossar
Status: Closed   Email:
Venue: High Country Sheep Cattle Station   Phone: 021610540
Location: Near Albury / Fairlie, South Island, New Zealand   Website:
  Class Type Status Final Entries  Action
  GPRTC - Standard match fee Individual Closed $225.00 - 15 Apr 17 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  GPRTC - Re-Upped match fee Individual Closed $50.00 - 01 Apr 17 (12:05AM)  Entry Unavailable
  Note: All fees shown in NZD.
Helpful Notes: A team event for two precision shooters, where acting together one can act as spotter for the other. Individuals are welcome to register and will be buddied-up with someone to make a team.
Thursday 11 May 2017: practice day, sight-in board, targets to 1000m, unlimited round count, any rifle/s. Gunslinger Carbine Operator Qualification Stage and Gunslinger Rattle Battle e.g. semi-auto rifles and bolt-action rifles (some loan and club guns available).
Special Rules: Gunslinger Standard Operating Procedures and Rules of Engagement apply:
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